In Season & Out of Season

It’s just starting to get cold where I live and growing season is over, but in Florida it’s still warm and crops can still grow.

I was talking with some of my peers a couple months ago and we were talking about the fruits of the Spirit. One person was talking about how they are fruits so like a plant they grow in seasons. I was pondering this later when I started feeling conflicted. Her point made sense, but it still didn’t seem right.

I mean it couldn’t be like, “this season I’m growing patience next season I’ll grow love.” How could that be true when God tells us to love at all times, be patient in everything and so on. Then I heard God say, “It’s about conditions, not seasons.”

See I cannot grow a tomato here right now because the conditions are too cold. In Florida, however, they could still grow a tomato because the conditions are right. It’s the same with the fruits of the Spirit, they grow when the conditions are right not depending on a seasonal uncontrollable force. The conditions include prayer, being in God’s word and fasting. When we abide with God, the conditions are right, and the fruit of the spirit can grow and flourish. We should always be growing the fruits of the Spirit. So, when you feel like your fruits are not growing check your conditions cause it’s about the conditions not the season.

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